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Driver Assessment

Our Driver Assessment & Corrective Training was developed following several court orders made on drivers and operators following a number of Road Traffic and Health & Safety prosecutions. It is designed for drivers of all vehicle types such as:

  • HGV Drivers
  • PSV Drivers
  • Company Van drivers
  • Company Car Drivers
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Forklift operators
  • Plant Operators
  • Yard Shunters
  • Drivers involved in Collisions
  • New Drivers / Induction
  • Back to work assessment

The assessment areas contained within this service, assess current driving practices and implement the relevant corrective training. The assessment is conducted over two designated routes. The detailed assessment can identify any relevant driver weaknesses and our corrective training allows dangerous practices to be removed, improving overall road safety and best practice. As a result, this will also increase drivers’ awareness of their own driving habits, fuel economy and vehicle longevity. Detailed reports are issued to both driver and employer and rectification plans are developed to suit all parties.

Our trainers are all certified Assessors and have Driving Examiner/Police/Emergency driver backgrounds.

Course content
  • Licence check
  • Driver mental health & Wellbeing
  • Eyesight check
  • Vehicle pre-trip checks and defect reporting
  • Coupling and uncoupling of any trailer combination
  • Ergonomics – Driving position and seat belt operation
  • Acceleration (including the use of cruise control)
  • Braking (including the use of service, engine, exhaust brakes and additional devices)
  • Correct Gear selection (including block changing)
  • Hazard perception and prioritisation
  • Understanding and selecting the correct legal, appropriate and relevant speed
  • Understanding Road, Weather and Micro climate conditions
  • Positioning and Lane discipline
  • Vehicle sympathy/fuel economy
  • Manoeuvring at slow speed
  • Making progress and planning
  • Use of mirrors, blind spots and signals
  • Overtaking/meeting oncoming traffic
  • Reaction to markings, signs and traffic lights
Course duration & Price

1 full day classroom session
Followed by a Half or Full day practical / on-road session per delegate
Price includes tuition and course materials.

Contact us for current price.

On completion, of course

All delegates successfully completing the course in full will be awarded with a
Certificate of Training. This course conforms with evidence of your CPD.

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